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Intesa Sanpaolo offers to providers of tourism services and to travel agencies a transparent and centralised system of payments using a sole contact partner, promoting reductions in administrative costs.

Addressed to

Providers of tourism services such as:
•    tour operators
•    hotel chains
•    car-hire services
•    air and shipping lines
•    providers of connectivity
•    travel agencies

For all, reduction of administrative costs
For suppliers, certainty of cash and credit flow to the Travel Agency
For travel agents, cost free credit lines and treasury optimisation


Intesa Sanpaolo conducts a careful credit check and takes charge of the management of all the travel agency's customers through a system of payments that regulates cashflow between providers of tourism services and the agencies.
The service is free for the travel agent and Intesa Sanpaolo guarantees timely payment by the agency, performed on a bi-monthly basis.
On request, the bank can also pre-pay to the tourism service provider an agreed percentage of the corresponding amount of receivables acquired and offer a 100% certain guarantee against any risk of insolvency.

By signing up Factoring restricted area, the customer receives by default and at the due dates the account statements at the subscription e-mail address indicated by the customer. In addition, customer can at any time consult all previous statements always available in the Customer Area.

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