Tailored Financing

With fixed or variable rates, in Euros or other currencies, with general provisions or subsidized finance... choose the most suitable financing with our specialists:
a customized product.

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All the companies with:
- investment projects for the purchase, expansion and renovation of equipment
- commercial expansion or brand enhancement plans
- need to restructure debt


Thanks to its long and proven experience, Intesa Sanpaolo proposes customized solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. Solutions are designed upon the specific features of each company seeking financing.
Our Finance Specialists work with the client managers of the Intesa Sanpaolo branches to offer customers the best suited financing solutions for their business path. Involving the relevant bank’s structures, our financial advisors assess companies’ needs and features, current trends (link to excellence centers) related to specific industry sectors, characteristics of the investment, and evolution of the applicable regulatory framework.
On the basis of this analyses, our specialists define the optimal investment structure by proposing:
- the best choices in terms of length, interest rate and currency
- the optimization of financial costs using, whenever possible, funds made available to companies by third-party institutions, and/or any available subsidised fund.
- use of public guarantees that facilitate access to credit

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