Through equipment leasing, our customers can: identify an asset suited to their business, professional or trading requirements and define its price;
use the asset against payment of a regular rental charge,
and acquire ownership of the asset at the end of the agreement by paying a price defined at the start of the agreement.

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All industrial or trading companies, professionals, artisans who invest in production supplies.




Along with the operating lease, your business implicitly acquires a service of consultancy, because Intesa Sanpaolo will partner you throughout the asset purchase and asset management phases, evaluating all technical and regulatory issues. This is an activity in which the interests of the lessee and of the lessor coincide and for which Intesa Sanpaolo has specific expertise.

Furthermore, the bank offers insurance policies under agreement with advantageous conditions and solutions targeted to the products on offer.
In the case of assets planned for construction, the correlating of finance flows has a particularly significant impact in simplifying the user’s financial management and minimising costs. Indeed, Intesa Sanpaolo pays suppliers directly on the basis of project progress, while the user will start paying rental charges only when the asset is completed and usable.

Finally, in many cases ISPs operational leasing may work out even more economical when specific provisions or concessions are applied.

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