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Recourse Factoring

With this product, the customer's commercial receivables are assigned to Intesa Sanpaolo for assessment and monitoring of debtors, ledger management and advance of the corresponding amount.

Addressed to

Businesses who:
●    have a growing turnover and the need to monetize their receivables
●    have been established recently
●    have seasonal activities

Outsourcing of customer management and assessment
Outsourced customer management, transforming associated costs from fixed to variable
Opportunity for additional credit directly proportioned to the sales volumes
Upon request, advance collection of receivables


By outsourcing the management and assessment of customers, companies can concentrate their energies on the company's core business.
Intesa Sanpaolo carries out a careful credit check and takes on management of the entirety of the company's customer debts. Professional debt management ensures that your present internal administrative overheads will be replaced by variable costs geared to the actual amount of debt to be managed.
On request, the bank can also pre-pay an agreed percentage (generally 80%) of the corresponding amount of receivables acquired, thereby improving your liquidity without diminishing your credit capacity with banking institutions.
Mediocredito Italiano directly manages recovery of the assigned receivables.

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