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Non-Recourse Factoring

With this product, receivables are assigned by the provider to Mediocredito Italiano along with transferal of the bad-debt risk. In this way, Intesa Sanpaolo guarantees the coverage of bad debts at a given date, assesses and manages debtors and advances the corresponding amount of the assigned receivable.

Addressed to

Enterprises businesses who:
●    intend to secure themselves against the risk of their customers' insolvency
●    are entering new markets
●    have moderate margins and a need for certainty of collection
●    want to improve the overall management of their business

100% coverage of assigned receivables
Outsourced customer management, transforming associated costs from fixed to variable
Advance credit checking of new customers and monitoring of their development over time
On request, advance collection of receivables


With non-recourse factoring, Intesa Sanpaolo conducts a prior assessment of your business's customers and sets a reference credit ceiling: that is, it quantifies an amount within which credits are guaranteed.
Receivables of customers belonging to one homogenous band are assigned in a continuous way to Intesa Sanpaolo, who manages their administration efficiently and takes care of collection.
In case of failure to pay the assigned receivables, Intesa Sanpaolo covers 100% of the guaranteed amount and reimburses the credit on the agreed date.
On request, the bank can also pre-pay an agreed percentage (generally 80%) of the corresponding amount of receivables acquired.

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