Intesa SAnpaolo has perfected a specific range of funding products to support research, development and innovation projects, organic investment plans geared to enrich the technological content of products, processes and services, as well as to improve corporate organisation and structure.

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Businesses seeking to
•    realise investments aimed at enriching the innovative and technological content of products and processes, whether through internal development or through the acquisition of technologies on the market
•    obtain public grants to research and innovation


In order to support your business projects and investment decisions, Intesa Sanpaolo has a team of engineers, legal advisers and industrial accountancy experts to will partner your enterprise. Starting with assessment of the project from the technological, strategic and industrial viewpoints, they will draw on their collaboration with the Fondazione Politecnico, as with Italy's leading technical universities.

NOVA+ is the purpose-made product, conceived to offer an organic response to the innovation needs of enterprises. It provides various solutions, differentiated according to the methodology used by the requesting company in improving its level of technology:
•    Nova+ Research
Innovation is pursued via a Research & Development project conducted by the requesting enterprise and aimed at producing new products, production processes and technologically innovative services for the customer
•    Nova+ Purchase
Innovation is delivered through an organic investment plan aimed at acquiring useful systems and knowledge for the enrichment of the technological content of the products, processes and services of the requesting enterprise and at improving its organisation and corporate structure
•    Nova+ University
Innovation is attained by entrusting to Italian universities and to public and/or private research institutions, study, development and technology-transfer commissions that are aimed at innovating the organisation, processes and products of the enterprise
•    Nova+ Small
For funding of amounts up to €500,000 independently of the methodologies used to attain the objective of extending the client's technological level
Our experience in the management of incentive funds from the government enables us to offer specialised consultancy to businesses for obtaining public funding for research and innovation. Funds include the "Revolving Fund" of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and contributions to expenditure from the government FAR (research concession) fund and FIT technological innovation) fund.

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