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With this product, the customer's commercial receivables are assigned to Intesa Sanpaolo for assessment and monitoring of debtors, as well as debt management. The corresponding amount is acknowledged to a transferor at a given, predetermined date, independently of the due-dates of the receivables.

Addressed to

Businesses who:
●    have a good business structure and consolidated knowledge of their customer base
●    have a requirement to plan cashflows and/or reduce trading risk

Predictability of cashflows and consequent planning of available funds
Outsourced debt management entrusted to a specialist shifting to variable costs
Upon request, guarantee insolvency


Intesa Sanpaolo can ensure collection of the debts at a given, predetermined date, thus enabling optimisation of the management of available funds and finance flows.
Intesa Sanpaolo carries out a careful credit check and takes on management of the entirety of the company’s customer debts.
A certain and pre-scheduled collection date enables finance flows to be regulated, optimising management of available funds. It is agreed on the basis of the mean arrears period and the history of the relationship with business customers, and is regularly redefined in line with performance of receipts from the previous period under examination.
The Maturity service applies to continuous supplies and/or to services that are not easily disputed.
This product may also be requested with the additional service of 100% guarantee against the risk of insolvency.

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