Plant and generating stations are financed for the production of photo-voltaic, biomass, hydro-electric, wind and geothermal energy.
Leasenergy will finance also all of those assets that, while using traditional energy sources, contribute to energy saving and environmental protection, such as for example cogeneration facilities, LED lighting systems and new generation heating boilers.

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Leasenergy was born for those enterprises seeking to develop in an environmentally sustainable way and who decide to invest in renewable energy.


Thanks to the experience accrued over recent years, and to our dedicated team of professionals, the bank is able to accompany your enterprise through evaluation of the project, provide financial advice and assistance throughout the duration of the leasing agreement.
To put some figures on our experience in this sector: at the end of 2014 the Intesa Sanpaolo portfolio could boast more than 1,700 installations with a generating potential of over 2.2 gigaWatts.
This solution maintains the distinctive features and characteristics of the leasing arrangements for other financing projects, including where construction of plant and generating stations is planned: In fact, Intesa Sanpaolo pays suppliers directly on the basis of project progress, while the user will start paying rental charges only when the works are completed and therefore usable.

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