International + is the financing range from Intesa Sanpaolo aimed at supporting the international expansion projects of enterprises. Characterised by "tailor-made" financial solutions and specialised consultancy services, it may be assisted by a guarantee from SACE (the Italian export credit insurance company).

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International + is aimed at all enterprises seeking to develop their overseas activities.


International + is a medium to long-term financing lasting between three and ten years, including a possible pre-amortisation period of up to two years. Funding can cover up to 80% of the project cost – including the expenses relating to feasibility studies, associated costs and charges – up to a minimum amount of €500,000.
Under this category of financing may be counted all outgoings and investments for the purpose of internationalisation of the enterprise or correlated to investments directed overseas (e.g. company acquisitions, construction of new production units and distribution networks, the creation or equipping of local facilities).

Businesses with a turnover of not more than 250 million euros, of which at least 10% is generated abroad, may make use of a guarantee from SACE, a 100% subsidiary of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, which is active in the field of insurance services for foreign trade.
In this case, financing could be of an amount between a minimum of €250,000 and a maximum of €5,000,000 have a duration of 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 years and be guaranteed by SACE up to 70%.

•    it is a particularly effective and complete instrument for supporting your internationalisation projects
•    it offers personalised financial solutions that take account of the impacts and the actual prospects of investment abroad
•    it provides for an in-depth evaluation of the project that supplements the initial credit check. This is drawn up by a team of specialists who factor in the international scenario, foreign outlet markets, risks and opportunities for growth as a function of the planned investment
•    in the case of a SACE guarantee, the client enterprise may access funding without actual guarantees at a more favourable price from among those applicable by Intesa Sanpaolo

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