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This product has been conceived for foreign exporters to provide targeted consultancy on socio-economic realities in Italy.

Addressed to

Businesses who:

  • import into Italy
  • belong to a multinational with subsidiaries in Italy


Advance credit checks on Italian customers, whether existing or potential
Constant monitoring of customer performance
Outsourcing of credit management entrusted to a specialist, eliminating overheads
Possibility of covering the bad debt risk


Intesa Sanpaolo offers a service of credit management and control, making use of its wide-ranging knowledge of the economic make-up of Italy and of the banks belonging to the Intesa Sanpaolo Banking Group.
ISP carries out a careful credit check of your Italian customers and can undertake management of the whole customer base or of just one homogenous part.
On request, the bank can also pre-pay an agreed percentage (generally 80%) of the corresponding amount of receivables acquired and offer a 100% certain guarantee against any risk of insolvency among your Italian customers.

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