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Reverse Factoring

With this product Intesa Sanpaolo manages the company's debts and payments to suppliers who enter a three-way agreement. There is also the possibility of extensions for the customer and of advances and guarantees to suppliers.

Addressed to

Businesses with:
●    a need to rationalise their payment procedures
●    a requirement to strengthen trade relationships with suppliers
●    significant purchasing volumes

Cost economies through the simplification of procedures for paying suppliers
Improvement of the relationship with suppliers
Optimisation of payment flows
Use of supply debt securities as an alternative source of financing


Reverse factoring enables you to improve relationships with your suppliers and to rationalise accounting flows effectively through contact with a single partner.
Intesa Sanpaolo takes on management of all the company's payables to suppliers who enter into a three-way agreement between the customer, the suppliers concerned and Mediocredito Italiano. Suppliers are guaranteed timely support in managing receivables, with the aim of obtaining better financial terms for the supplies. Payment of debts is made directly to Intesa Sanpaolo, optimising cash flow through a single professional contact partner. The possibility also exists of further extensions to the due dates for payment being granted by Intesa Sanpaolo.
Furthermore, at the suppliers' request, the bank can also guarantee insurance cover on the risk of insolvency and pre-pay an agreed percentage (generally 80%) of the corresponding amount of receivables acquired.
For information leaflets, refer to the products With-Recourse Factoring, Non-Recourse Factoring and Supplier Finance.

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