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With export factoring, Intesa Sanpaolo enables businesses to take on foreign markets, delegating credit management and control, guaranteeing the necessary strategic consultancy on the performance of different socio-economic sectors in various foreign countries.

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Businesses who are:
●    exporters
●    taking on new market


Advance credit check of foreign customers, whether existing or potential
Constant monitoring of customer performance
Outsourced credit management entrusted to a specialist, eliminating related overheads
Possibility of covering the bad debt risk


Intesa Sanpaolo carries out an assessment of the company's foreign customers, making use of its finely meshed network of affiliates operating internationally and members of Factor Chain International, the main global association for the factoring sector.
Intesa Sanpaolo undertakes management of the debts owed in one or more foreign countries, taking care of their punctual collection, which may be through one of its affiliated companies. Successful completion of the service is ensured by the expertise of this affiliate in that socio-economic scenario, as well as by its knowledge of the legislation and commercial practices in the country concerned.
On request, the bank can also pre-pay an agreed percentage (generally 80%) of the corresponding amount of receivables acquired and offer a 100% certain guarantee against any risk of insolvency.

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