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Buyer's Credit

Through Buyer's Credit, Intesa Sanpaolo offers suppliers certainty of debt recovery while simultaneously offering advantageous conditions for a further credit respite.

Addressed to

Industrial and commercial enterprises who have an indirect sales network and are seeking to adjust payments to the sales cycle.

Promotes sales through the opportunity of further credit
Enables customer payments to be adjusted to the sales cycle, bringing flows of available funds into line
Upon request, anticipation of receivables
Upon request, the insolvency guarantee


Buyer's Credit is a three-way agreement between supplier, customer and Intesa Sanpaolo. It offers the supplier payment of invoices on their due date and offers customers a further credit respite. It is thus an effective way of optimising cashflows with the commercial distribution chain.
For this purpose, Intesa Sanpaolo performs an overall assessment of the assigned receivables and takes charge of their management. This supplementary credit extension to commercial agreements made with the supplier is borne by the customer, but it may be agreed according to specific commercial practices so that the financial burden is shared between supplier and customer.
In the case of a non-recourse factoring arrangement, the bank is also able, upon request, to pre-pay an agreed percentage (generally 80%) of the corresponding amount of receivables acquired and offer a 100% certain guarantee against any risk of insolvency among your customers.

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