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A set of financial services and advanced technologies for cash management

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Wide Production Chains with a strong relationship between the chain leader and its strategic suppliers

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For the chain leader, support in the management of trade payables
For the chain leader, a way to optimize the flow of payments to suppliers
For the suppliers of the chain, easier access to credit on competitive terms
For the suppliers of the chain, management online, fast and flexible for the possible anticipation of invoices


Confirming is part of the Supply Chain Program of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, which aims to help the development of excellent Supply Chains in Italy.
Confirming is a set of financial services offered online and designed to provide financial support for companies of the Chains, promoting cohesion and stability of the Supply Chain itself.
This service is created by an agreement between the Chain leader (Client) and Intesa Sanpaolo, the Confirming agreement, through which the Client delegates Intesa Sanpaolo to manage its trade payables payment – at the agreed maturity -  to the Chain suppliers.
Thanks to the agreement signed, the suppliers of the Chain that decide to join the proposal of Confirming by Intesa Sanpaolo, have the chance to request, on a dedicated online portal, with maximum flexibility and simplicity, the anticipation of the payment of part or all claims managed by Intesa Sanpaolo on behalf of the customer. Suppliers do not have nor to upload the invoices on the portal nor to give them to the Bank: it’s the Client who provides Intesa Sanpaolo with all the needed information.
Thanks to the online portal, suppliers can anticipate the bills they want, without limits or ceilings, in less than 30 seconds, collecting the cash within 48 hours. If the supplier is not interested in the advanced payment, the payment will be made at maturity. Suppliers have also protection against the risk of late payment or insolvency of the customer.
Thanks to the relationship between Intesa Sanpaolo and the customer, suppliers who choose to have their invoices anticipated enjoy particularly favorable conditions while they will be not charged with any cost if bills are paid at maturity.


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