Leasing: overview

Finance leasing is a financing transaction that consists in the granting by the lessor (the bank or financing intermediary) of an asset that the lessor has purchased or caused to be produced by a third-party supplier, as chosen and instructed by the customer (user). The asset may be used for a fixed period of time in return for payment of a periodic consideration (rental).
The customer thereby assumes all the risks and retains the right to purchase the asset at a pre-determined price at the end of the leasing agreement, and possibly to extend its use on pre-determined or determinable financial terms.

In essence, under a finance leasing deal:
the lessor grants to the user the utilisation of asset for a fixed period of time against payment of a consideration (rental)
the asset is purchased by the lessor on the choice and instruction of the user
the user, while not being the owner, takes on all risks relating to the loss of the leased asset
• in their favour, the user retains a final purchase option of the leased asset at a contractually pre-determined price (the so-called redemption option)

In operating leasing with financial grounds, on the other hand, the user, right from the start of the agreement, does not intend to acquire ownership of the asset. The lease is therefore correlated with an agreement between the lessor and the supplier who undertakes to re-purchase the asset for a pre-set price at the term of the agreement.


Intesa Sanpaolo leasing is addressed to all businesses, from multinationals to sole traders, artisans and professionals.
Some products, such as leasing of pleasure sailing craft, (Maritime Project) or on motor vehicles, may be of interest to private individuals.

Through leasing, our customers can:
•    have use of the asset quickly, paying a regular fixed rental charge, avoiding commitment of the whole cost
•    choose the supplier or manufacturer for the purchase or production of the asset
•    attain matching finance flows: the regular rental charges start only once the asset has been delivered/tested, which means after it has begun producing revenues, with pre-financing for the construction phase for assets to be constructed
•    benefit from full VAT financing on purchase and spread the refund over time with regular payments of deductible rental charges
•    enjoy the opportunity of a faster amortisation of the asset compared to direct purchase and deductibility of the rental charges from company earnings
•    redeem the asset completely or return it to the lessor at the end of the leasing term

Intesa Sanpaolo leasing products are named according to the investment asset concerned.

The bank offers an online service for its leasing customers, which offers information about the agreement and a facility for issuing instructions.
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