Online Services

Via the Customer Area service  on the Home Page, Intesa Sanpaolo offers its leasing customers the possibility to access a Reserved Area, where it is possible to communicate with our offices quickly and effectively. Services are free of charge. For instance, it is possible:

  • To receive information on contracts and print the bank statement, amortization schedule and periodic documentation on transparency
  • Upload copies of documents, even tax documentation, without any additional fee
  • Send targeted requests to relevant offices, such as changes relating to the support bank information or the customer’s biographical data
  • Change the reference email

In order to activate the service, it is sufficient to be a Intesa Sanpaolo customer, have at least one contract and be registered. To register, it is necessary to have the last contract handy, as well as the last invoice received, so that all relevant information contained therein can be provided during the registration process.  These data ensure safe registration.  

To access the Self Leasing service, insert Username and Password provided during registration in the Customer Area window. The password can be modified every time a customer desire, by accessing “Change Password” in the Reserved Area or by calling +39 0287940511

To use this service, it is necessary to have a browser  (Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or later,  Netscape Navigator / Communicator version 6, or later) compatible with the 128 bit SSL3 safety system. For optimal viewing of all pages, it is recommended the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5, or later, with a 1024x768 suggested video resolution.

For assistance, please send an e-mail to servizioclientileasing@intesasanpaolocom or call Intesa Sanpaolo at +39 0287940511.