The Italian corporate environment is characterized by the presence of small and medium enterprises (“SME”) which nowadays have to face increased global competitive pressure. The context has strongly changed compared to the past, hence companies need to maintain high levels of innovation and efficiency and to continue growing in order to reach the critical mass needed to face the competition. In such scenario, the Offering of Structured Finance solutions to SMEs enhances the "Made in Italy" value and as a result, triggers a virtuous circle for the entire national economy.

The Advisory & Structured Finance Team at Intesa Sanpaolo addresses these new market needs, providing SMEs the specialist support and the consulting services - so far targeted to large corporations only - necessary to boost growth and development. 
On the back of our strong strategic relations with Private Equity Funds and to the high level of specialization of our consultants, we are able to support companies during times of discontinuity for extraordinary operations, such as strategic investment plans, optimization of their capital structure and working capital needs.

The capillary presence on the territory and the industry focus enable us to create “ad hoc” solutions to meet individual needs.


Our Solutions

Structured Finance

Acquisition Finance: Financing for the acquisition of corporate shareholdings (lbo / mbo) or business lines and / or for significant fixed capital investments;
Project Financing: Financing finalized to the realization and/or acquisition of specific projects;
Real Estate Financing: Financing for Real Estate development projects or for property acquisition;
Securitizations: Periodic sale of illiquid assets (eg. trade receivables) financed through the issue of negotiable credit securities.

Investment Banking

Private Equity: Capital Investments by Private Equity Funds;
Debt Capital Market: Debt issuance support;
M&A: Mergers and Acquisition support (Buy-side, Sell-side)